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HomeLife Maple Leaf Realty Ltd.

Founded in 1985, HomeLife™ Realty Services Inc. is one of the world's leading real estate franchisors with hundreds of affiliates and thousands of sales representatives providing Higher Standards™ service to home buyers and sellers around the world. Central to HomeLife's™ success is its pledge of Higher Standards. Instilled in each sales representative is HomeLife's™ commitment to industry leading professional conduct and customer service. Along with a dedication to community involvement, clients can be assured they will receive ethical, knowledgeable, and caring representation.


SHIRLEY WILLIAMS recommends TEAM PEEL Real Estate .....

I had put my house on the market July 2017 however a year later, July 2018, my house had not sold. With the change in the market and the unique nature of my home, I was not able to secure a buyer. Disappointed and unsure of my next steps, I took my house off the market. So needless to say, I was somewhat skeptical when a soft spoken gentleman and agent (Gursharan Bajwa) knocked on my door inquiring about my home. Gursharan was confident he and his team could sell my house with in 30 days. Although skeptical, I was taken by his confidence and thought "Why not". As a result, I signed hime and his team on as my agents to sell this unusual piece of real estate. To my delight and true to their word and effort, my house is sold and it sold with in 30 days !!! Not only I am impressed by the fact that my house sold , but I am also very impressed by the teamwork of all the agents that got involved to make this happen. They were driven , determined, professional and at times they were my coach. I short they were amazing.
Thank you so much Gursharan, Sushma, Channi and Narender for making this happen, especially in this difficult marketplace. Now ! I truly understand why they were called "Team Peel"!!! Well Done.

PAT ARNBERG WEBSTER recommends TEAM PEEL Real Estate .....

My husband I were thinking about relisting our home and had been discussing it nightly when we had a knock on our door. A freindly gentlemen introduced himself as Gursharan Bajwa representing Team Peel wanting to know if we were interested in listing our home ! We couldn't believe the coincidence. He went out and got one of his team Channi and they proceeded to talk about how they work with clients to sell their home ! They were so professional, knowledgeable and by the end of the evening we listed with Team Peel ! During the time we had our property listed with them we met Sushma and Mr. Sehgal two more team members ! Each one brings their own expertise to your listing. All of the promises they made to us to sell our home we are followed to the letter ! With all their hard work our home was SOLD !!