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Client Testimonials

July 20, 2019

I had put my house on the market July 2017 however a year later, July 2018, my house had not sold. With the change in the market and the unique nature of my home, I was not able to secure a buyer. Disappointed and unsure of my next steps, I took my house of the market. So needless to say , I was somewhat skeptical when a soft spoken gentleman and agent (Gursharan Bajwa) knocked on my door inquiring about my home. Gursharan was confident that he could sell my house with in 30 days. Although Skeptical, I was taken by his confidence and thought “Why not”. As a result, I signed him as my agent to sell this unusual piece of real estate. To my delight and true to his word and effort, my house is sold and it sold in 30 days. !!! Not only impressed by the fact that my house sold, but I am also impressed by the work and extra ordinary effort of Gursharan Bajwa that made this happen. He was driven, determine , professional and at times he was my coach. In short he was amazing.